Al-Madina Washing Plant Ltd.

Al-Madina Washing Plant Ltd. is one of the most modern washing plants in Bangladesh, established in January 2005. It is situated at 185, Singair Road, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka. Mehedi Hasan is our honorable Managing Director, and Anwara Begum is our Director.

Since we started our journey in 2010, we have been among the fastest-growing business conglomerates in Europe and the USA.

This washing plant is set up with state-of-the-art machinery not only to cater to our internal requirements but also to meet the needs of outside customers. Additionally, our plant has undergone a large-scale expansion. The factory space covers 21,329.18 square feet, including both the wash and dry process areas. The washing plant has a monthly capacity of 800,000 units for denim and twill. We employ 350 individuals, and our yearly turnover is 3 million USD. Every year, we export 70% of our products to Europe and 30% to other countries. Our peak season is from March to August, and we have our own E.T.P. facilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality products, uphold the highest standards of service provider ship and professionalism in our industry at all times, by recognizing the value our customers bring to our business.

Our Vision

We pledge honesty, fairness, and representation of our supplier partners in the local marketplace. As a team, we respect our co-workers and provide ample opportunities for personal growth and development for all.

Our Goal

Through integrity, hard work, and adherence to the guiding principles established by our founder, we will continue to strive to become the best and most trusted washing plant industry in Bangladesh.

Commitment to Customers

We are constantly perfecting the art of production through meticulous planning, implementing quality management, and pursuing our goals and meeting customer needs with passion. We offer personalized services, meticulous attention to detail, efficient time management, and innovative design through our dedicated and motivated team, with a strong focus on delivering supreme quality supported by innovative systems.

Commitment To Our Fellow Associates

A company is only as good as its employees. While our primary focus is to serve our customers, we also prioritize the well-being of our dedicated and efficient employees and associates, aiming to support them in their personal and social lives. We consider it our responsibility to ensure the ongoing prosperity of those employees who contribute their energy and intellectual capabilities to the development of our company.