Our Washing Facilities

At Al-Madina Washing Plant Ltd., we house state-of-the-art washing facilities equipped with advanced techniques to cater to a wide range of garment finishing requirements. Our expertise extends to both dry and wet processes, ensuring exceptional results for our clients.

With our comprehensive range of washing facilities and expertise in various techniques, we ensure impeccable results and unmatched quality for our clients. Partner with us to bring your garment designs to life and achieve outstanding finishing effects.


Dry Process

  • Whisker (Manual & Laser), Hand Sand Image & Full Body (Manual & Laser)
  • Tagging, PP sponging, PP Spray (Only Image or Full Body)
  • Resin Spray (Only Crinkle or 3D area or Full Body)
  • Pigment Spray (Only Image), PP rubbing (Full body or Only Image)
  • PP touch up (On top of whisker or Only Seam Area)
  • Permanent crinkle (5 times wash) or Non-permanent crinkles
  • Permanent 3D (5 times wash) or Non-permanent 3D
  • Grinding & Destruction (Manual or Laser)
  • Laser print (only image or Full Body)
  • Rib & Repair, Leather Coating, Indigo blocking

Wet Process

  • Rinse / Garments / Silicon wash
  • Rubber ball wash, Enzyme wash, Stone enzyme wash
  • Bleach wash, Acid wash, and Towel bleach
  • Tie Wash, Snow wash
  • Dip bleach, Resin dipping, Garments. Dye, over dye
  • Florescent Pigment dye, Sulphur dye, Weave dye
  • Tie dye and Cool dye